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Questions about Famelab?

B2B sales is soaring on LinkedIN, yet many don’t know how to tap into the potential.
In a short demo, we’ll unveil you the secrets of a LinkedIN growth marketeer and tell you how to become one yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because we want to support businesses on LinkedIn during the lockdown, we offer a free trial. 

How does it work?
Download the Famelab Community Builder Extension before the 31st of January to use your 30-day free trial. You can use the tool for free from the date you downloaded the extension.

After the 30th day, you will be asked for payment details to keep using the product. You can create an account, use our post planner, automatic invites, and messaging templates to keep new leads in the loop. 

How do I get started?

Click HERE

  1. You will be send to our chrome extension called ‘Famelab Community Builder’.
  2. Click ‘add to Chrome’. Note: the extension works best in a Chrome browser but can also be downloaded on Edge browsers.
  3. You will be send to the Famelab Portal to make an account. No payment details are needed! 

The famelab tool works in 3 steps. For this you need three essential tools:

  • Famelab Lead Generator
  • Famelab Post Planner
  • Famelab Messages

These will allow you to send automatic invites, generate leads, plan your posts and make your brand famous by letting your colleagues automatically like, share and comment on your posts.

On top of that, you can include 15 people in your community so they will automatically like your post! You can also prepare their posts so the brand management for your company can be done by only one person.

All this is included in the price of € 350/mo per 15 people.

In case you want to add more people, we charge a small fee per extra person.

Integrate Famelab into your CRM tool to add more value to the relationships you’ve build.

With Famelab you will be able to sequence messages to your personal connections. By having a pre-organized sequence of messages, you will increase the chances of turning your leads into conversions.

If you have had a call with your lead, simply press the export button to export them to your CRM system such as:

Microsoft 365

Questions about your CRM? Send us a message.


Not for our lead nurturing and personal brand manager solutions. None of the 15 seats need a paid LinkedIN account. You can start posting and get engagement on your posts immediately after starting with Famelab.

However, it doesn’t hurt to use one, because it helps you even more by filtering out the leads you want to connect with.

Yes, you can. If 15 seats is not enough for you, we charge € 150 for 15 extra seats.

During the first weeks we’ll be guiding you online in video calls sharing the knowledge of growth hackers to optimise the engagement on your posts and the quality of your digital sales funnels. You’ll become a genuine DYI growth hacker on LinkedIN dragging in more leads on LinkedIN than you could ever imagine.

After that, we will continu to support you by checking your campaign on a weekly basis, to make sure your online representation will be kept in optimal shape and to give you pro-active tips and tricks to keep conversion as high as possible.