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B2B sales is soaring on LinkedIN, yet many don’t know how to tap into the potential.
In a short demo, we’ll unveil you the secrets of a LinkedIN growth marketeer and tell you how to become one yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Famelab tool works in 3 steps. For this you need three essential tools:

  • Famelab Lead Generator
  • Famelab Post Planner
  • Famelab Campaigns
  • Famelab Community

By automatically inviting your target audience on LinkedIn you grow your network.

Next, you warm up your new network with successful posts on LinkedIn, to create a thought-leadership status around your profile. Add supporters to get automatic likes to become famous.

Join the community for real comments on your posts, this will boost your organic engagement!

With these posts people start to get to know you, so when you get in contact which helps to turn cold contacts into hot leads.

Sleeping leads are easily reachable with Famelab Campaigns, reach out to your first degree network with webinars, white papers, or just a follow-up message.

That’s how your sales numbers will go up!


With the Lead Generator will probably reach an acceptance rate of 30%! Of course depending on target audience and type of message. That means you will start talking to a minimal of 30 leads a week, that’s up to 120 leads a month!

Use Famelab Campaigns to reach out to all 1e degree connections about webinars, white papers or followup messages. An open rate of 50% or higher is not unusual!

Because of the personal touch in the LinkedIn message, Famelab’s Lead Generator and Campaign feature are extremely powerful in getting the attention of your target audience.



By commenting on posts of other community members you earn more likes on your next post, up to 25 likes!

This way you can grow your organic content exponentially because likes = more views!

The community also offers you a chance to get comments on your own posts, which again stimulates organic growth. 🚀

Integrate Famelab into your CRM tool to add more value to the relationships you’ve build.

If you have had a call with your lead, simply press the export button to export them to your CRM system. Info such as – such as:

Microsoft 365

Questions about your CRM? Send us a message.


Not for our lead nurturing nor personal brand manager solutions. You can start posting and get engagement on your posts immediately after starting with Famelab.

However, it doesn’t hurt to use it, because it helps you even more by filtering out the leads you want to connect with.

During the first weeks we’ll be guiding you through the tool, sharing the knowledge of growth hackers to optimise the engagement on your posts and the quality of your digital sales funnels.

You’ll become a genuine DYI growth hacker on LinkedIn dragging in more leads on LinkedIn than you could ever imagine.

After that, we will continu to support you by checking your campaign on a weekly basis, to make sure your online representation will be kept in optimal shape and to give you pro-active tips and tricks to keep conversion as high as possible.

To ensure your LinkedIn profile takes off successfully, we start with a Kick-Off Event for all active users in your team.

To prepare your profile we will ask you about the value proposition of your business.
We add our long-term experience and knowledge about lead generation and marketing to it, to create a special messaging sequence for your profile.

During the event, we will give you a LinkedIn Training, sharing the latest updates about the LinkedIn Algorithm.

We will explain the tool and share tips and tricks to approach your target audience on LinkedIn best.
This Kick-Off event will make sure your team will start making real progress soon.

You will experience more views on your LinkedIn posts and connect with hundreds of warm leads in only a few weeks.

Yes, you can.

Find more info on our pricing page. As an admin you can modify roles for each user at any time.

Next to that, you can include up to 50 people in your group to auto-like your posts.

It is possible that the proxyserver is in the Netherlands or Germany and could be ours.

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