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LinkedIn Algorithm

LinkedIn is swamped with content nowadays.

How to stand out?

What you need is to work with the LinkedIn Algorithm.

LinkedIn rates your post based on the activity in the first hour after posting.

Make sure you get as many likes in the first hour after posting.

Then LinkedIn will show your post on top of everyone’s timeline.

Famelab Community App

Our Solution

The Famelab Community is your chance for more visibility on LinkedIn. It offers you the possibility to leave a comment on someone from the community. In return, you are rewarded with likes from our community members.

When you publish your next post on LinkedIn, those likes will be given to your post in the first hour after posting!

Now the LinkedIn algorithm benefits your post, it looks more professional because it has more likes, and because of the immense visibility, you will become a thought leader on your topic!

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The community is free of charge! We believe LinkedIn is the most powerful tool for businesses. Nowadays LinkedIn is swamped with posts and nobody engages anymore.

We are sad to see this process happening and are aiming to provide a solution to make LinkedIn great again.

By offering you a chance to receive more likes and visibility on your post, we ask you to leave a comment on people in the community.

This way you not only receive extra likes, you also expand your network by getting to know fellow community members.

We also aim to show mostly people from your target audience in your feed. Commenting on their post will benefit your sales process because you engage with their content. From there, new conversations can flourish!

Join us on our mission!

Yes! The community is the first of many features of Famelab that are available on mobile! Simply open the community on your phone and install the web app. Then the community is always close by and you can leave comments on the go!