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The LinkedIn Algorithm

Algorithms, you have probably heard about it before, but what does it exactly do?

If you post something on LinkedIn, you want it to be read by as many people as possible. Why else would you share that information? It can be a project you worked on, a marketing post of your company, or a promotion of your product.

To make your post appear on people’s timelines, LinkedIn, like other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, has created an algorithm that filters popular and unpopular posts to decide which one should be viewed on top, and which one at the bottom.

When you post your article, LinkedIn scans how many likes, comments, shares, and dwell time -the amount of time spent looking at your message- your post is generating. If those numbers are high, your LinkedIn post is ranked as popular and posted high on other people’s timelines. The opposite happens if your post scores low, it will be shown at the bottom of the newsfeed.

To make sure your post is ranked high at the first test, many companies ask their employees via email to like and share the CEO’s LinkedIn post. This is time-consuming for the person that posts the article AND for his or her colleagues that all need to go to LinkedIn via email. They have better things to do!

At Famelab we want to break free from traditional communication and we believe that this process, in combination with our technology can be more efficient while including fewer people.
The Famelab tool helps you to get likes, comments, shares, and dwell-time on your LinkedIn post so that you become famous!


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