Are you giving demos to the wrong person?

We connect your sales team to the right person.

We at Famelab have years of experience with LinkedIn lead generation and helped many companies connecting to their potential customers.

The Problem

Here is what fellow sales managers struggled with before Famelab.


πŸ§‘πŸΎ ‘ Getting in contact with the right leads is difficult. We did not know where to start.’


πŸ‘©β€πŸ¦± ‘At some point, we found out 3 of my colleagues were talking to a different persons in the company we were approaching, we missed a strategy.’


πŸ§‘β€πŸ¦° ‘When one of my team members left, we lost all her leads.’

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The Solution

Reach out to hundreds of leads daily, easily personalize conversations, and connect your CRM to your lead generator.

Fill up your pipeline in no time! Let your Sales Development Representative take over the accounts of their colleagues.
View the prospects’ latest personal updates, start the conversation, and convert them into customers!

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How it works


One overview of Leads

Have an overview of which leads and companies your colleagues are connected to.

Strategic Sales

Connect to leads on LinkedIn and take them to your CRM system. Forget copy-pasting, one click and it is done.

Marketing Leads?

No problem, easily transfer them to your marketing team and let them nurture your leads with marketing content.

Starting from €250,- a month.

Save hours in approaching the wrong leads.
Instead, allow your team to work together and boost your sales.

Find a package that suits your team.


Our Mission

LinkedIn is where B2B is.Β 

But it is just not personal enough. Compared to offline business events, it lacks the warmth of social interactions.

Communicating on LinkedIn is lonely, and often feels like a one way street. It’s easy to ignore incoming messages and therefore users resort to automation to relief themselves of the tedious task of outreach.Β 


As automation cannot be ruled out, it is here to stay. Famelab is on a mission to elevate automation to create more meaningful interactions on LinkedIn.

Real people, real conversations, real conversions.

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