Posting takes time, views & likes won't come, what to do?

Famelab helps you easily receive the likes & views which unbelievably increases your visibility (x100).

We at Famelab have years of experience with LinkedIn outreach and we have helped many companies create awareness.



The Problem

Posting is a difficult thing to do, it takes a lot of time and effort for the engagement you get. Here are some experiences:

– 👩🏽 My views aren’t big enough and I don’t get enough likes on my posts.
– 🧑🏼 I try to post multiple times a week but it takes effort, sometimes I forget the posts and it costs me vulnerable time.
– 👩 I want more engagement, people aren’t attracted to my posts.

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The Solution

We thought of a solution, get more in less time!

– 📆 Schedule all your posts for the rest of the week.
– 👍🏻 Receive automated likes & views from all your colleagues and create comments in their names.
– 👥 Create communities and become friends with everyone.

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How it works


Schedule your posts

Plan every post on a specific day on a specific time. Make it easy for yourself by planning, so you don't have to worry anymore.

Get likes from colleagues and groups

You want to be seen on the LinkedIn feed. With this feature, you will be on top of it. From the moment your posts are online, you will immediately get likes from colleagues, groups, and communities. This gives you a big boost!

Become an expert in your community

Create your own community and join others. With this feature we want to connect everyone to become one together. This will create opportunities everywhere.

Starting from €100,- a month.

Get more in less time
Schedule all your posts and make posting easy

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Our Mission

Personal contact is the most valuable aspect of marketing. Why keep sending anonymous content that does not bring you any further?

Instead, we believe in starting the conversation with your potential customer. We help you to share your marketing content in the most personal way possible, via LinkedIn.

Real people, real conversations, real conversions.

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