How to get views on LinkedIn posts?

We dramatically increase your organic growth by automating likes.

We at Famelab have years of experience with LinkedIn outreach and we have helped many companies create awareness.



The Problem

LinkedIn posting costs time so fame seems impossible for busy people.
Here are some experiences:


πŸ‘©πŸ½ My likes on posts are low, I don’t think that looks professional.


πŸ§‘πŸΌ I keep asking my colleagues to like and share my posts but they don’t have time to help me out.Β 


πŸ‘© I can boost my posts with ads, but they are very expensive. I’m dreaming of growing organically.

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The Solution

We thought of a solution, get more in less time!


πŸ‘πŸ» Receive automated likes from all your colleagues to boost your views.


πŸ‘₯ Our community will boost your posts with comments to stimulate engagement on your posts!


πŸ“† Schedule all your posts for the rest of the week.


Experience the impact of our community yourself!

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How it works


Get likes from colleagues

Be seen on the LinkedIn feed. Automated likes from your colleagues will tell the LinkedIn algorithm to show it all over LinkedIn.

The Community has your Back

Our community members place comments on your posts and are rewarded with extra likes. Vice versa for you!

Schedule your posts

Prepare your post once a month while being present every day.

Starting from €250,- a month.

Get more in less time,
schedule all your posts and make posting easy.

Find a package that suits your team.


Our Mission

LinkedIn is where B2B is.Β 

But it is just not personal enough. Compared to offline business events, it lacks the warmth of social interactions.

Communicating on LinkedIn is lonely, and often feels like a one way street. It’s easy to ignore incoming messages and therefore users resort to automation to relief themselves of the tedious task of outreach.Β 


As automation cannot be ruled out, it is here to stay. Famelab is on a mission to elevate automation to create more meaningful interactions on LinkedIn.

Real people, real conversations, real conversions.

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